Ashwin Panchapakesan

Work And Research Experience

Data Scientist

The SecDev Group

Jul 2020 — Present

  • Patent-pending Language Agnostic Topic Modeler
    • Computed word embeddings and performed clustering to extract topics from corpora in any language
  • Automated and deployed the core OSINT data collection platform
    • Set up data collection methodology and tooling with APIs, web scraping and device emulation
    • Horizontally scaled components using multiprocessing and multiple nodes to improve execution time
    • Redesigned PostGreSQL schemas for improved extensibility and lookup performance
  • Built a predictive dashboard to contextualize data analytics
  • Built COVID-19 vaccination rollout simulator
    • Simulated resident vaccination timelines based on city-scale policy decisions using MapBox, Streamlit
    • Built relationships with external experts to improve simulation integrity and veracity

Data Scientist

Roku Inc

Jul 2019 — Jul 2020

  • Designed and optimized machine learning algorithms to maximize advertising impact
    • Pulled data from distributed data store using Hive
    • Designed and tested machine learning models
  • Built relationships between my team and the Engineering team to facilitate smoother deployment
  • Reduced development time by augmenting the team’s tooling

Contract Python Teacher

New Democratic Party (NDP), Ottawa, Ontario

Sep 2018 — Sep 2018

  • Created and taught curriculum for using python in ETL workflow integration

Part-time Professor

University of Ottawa, Ottawa, Ontario

Sep 2017 — Dec 2017

  • Taught Introduction to Computing I (Python) to first year students

  • Deliverd lectures, held office hours, created evaluations, managed TAs

Evolutionary Algorithms in Multi-objective Optimization

Center for Operational Research and Analytics, Defence Research and Development Canada

May 2014 — Sep 2014

  • Used MATLAB and C to run simulations and optimize (on multiple metrics) device usage schedules

  • Extensive use of optimization algorithms (Non-dominated Sorting Genetic Algorithm, etc)

Software Development Engineering Intern, Seattle, WA

May 2012 — Aug 2012

  • Evolutionary algorithms to predict impact of time series events (improved prediction accuracy by 36x)

  • Co-inventor on a patent application relating to modeling attribution of advertisement features

Radio Automation Software Testing Intern

Research In Motion, Ottawa, Ontario

May 2011 — Sep 2011

  • Developed web applications to display on mobile and desktop browsers.

  • These applications served general administrative and sensitive student information.

  • Tested user interfaces for usability and cross-platform compatibility.

Auto-Test Framework Developer

Real Image Media Technologies Pvt. Ltd., Chennai, India

Jul 2009 — Jul 2009

  • Developed automated testing framework for the company’s premier product line

  • Framework tested pre- and post-conditions; performed rollbacks and generated event/error log.

  • Integrated with Microsoft’s .NET framework.

  • Set up virtual development environment for future interns, to improve commissioning latency.

Web Analyst, Chennai, India

May 2008 — Aug 2008

  • Analyzed web traffic and AdWords campaign and explored other online advertising avenues.

  • Designed a program to rank URLs to which to add back/links to improve Google Page Rank.


Ph.D. Computer Science

University of Ottawa, Ottawa, Ontario

Sep 2013 — Jun 2019

Specialization: Artificial Intelligence, Fault-tolerant and Reconfigurable Systems, Data Fusion

Thesis: Optimizing Commercial Maritime Port Operations through High Level Information Fusion

  • Dynamic algorithm selection and deployment, data fusion

  • Multi-objective Evolutionary Algorithms, Artificial Life, Neural Networks, Fuzzy Systems, etc.

  • Concept Learning Systems and Machine Learning; benchmarking and comparison metrics

M.Sc. Computer science

University of Ottawa, Ottawa, Ontario

Sep 2011 — Jul 2013

Specialization: Artificial Intelligence – evolutionary algorithms Thesis: A Hybrid Genetic Algorithm and Evolutionary Strategy to Automatically Generate Test Data for Dynamic, White-Box Testing

  • Preliminary results published in IEEE CEC, 2013

  • Combinatorial and Evolutionary algorithms (Simulated Annealing, etc., Genetic Algorithms, etc.)

  • Formal software design and proof, testing methodology (self-specifying and error checking code), Natural Language Processing

Hon. B.Sc. Computer science

University of Toronto Mississauga, Mississauga, Ontario

Sep 2006 — Jul 2011

  • Artificial Intelligence – learning, planning, exploration, adversarial game logic, neural networks

  • Strong foundation in predicate logic, semantics analysis and related theory

  • Data structures, algorithm design and optimization